EnviroConsultants & Recyclers offer many services, some of which include:

Phase I, II, &, III Site Investigations

ECR performs ASTM Due Diligence Assessments (Phase I and Phase II Comprehensive Site Investigations) on behalf of public and private sector clients. These projects require diverse expertise in geology, hydro-geology, engineering and risk assessment. When developing and conducting a site investigation, activities generally include the following: Project scoping and planning, historical research using database search capabilities along with agency file review, data collection using a variety of subsurface investigatory techniques, risk assessment, treatability studies, pilot tests and alternative analysis. 



Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies

ECR has performed Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS) under CERCLA, parallel RCRA investigations and state level corrective action protocols. These projects have required ECR's diverse expertise in environmental engineering and have allowed us to showcase our ability to develop strategies consistent with our clients' objectives but in accordance with applicable laws and guidance documents. 

Whether under RCRA, CERCLA, or similar state laws, developing and conducting a site investigation and feasibility study generally includes the following: 

  • Project scoping and planning
  • Data collection
  • Risk assessment
  • Treatability studies pilot tests
  • Alternatives analysis

In developing a solution to an environmental concern, the most cost-effective approach results from an unbiased evaluation of the many available technologies. ECR's extensive project experience in applying remediation technologies, combined with multi-disciplined engineering resources, allows ECR to consistently select the most cost-effective and technologically sound solution.

Specialized Remediation Technologies

Innovative technologies for site assessment and remediation are at the center of reducing cleanup costs and improving the services ECR provides to its clients. ECR has several staff who specialize in the area of remediation. ECR has tested and implemented various chemical oxidation, metal reduction/stabilization, and other innovative remedial approaches. As an example, there are many technologies that, if implemented in a bundled fashion, can allow for remediation to be accomplished in an accelerated time frame. Staff at ECR are not bound to promote the application of any single remediation technology. We offer our clients an overall best solution that considers regulatory, business and technical issues. While bringing unique capabilities to remediation projects we are continually working to establish strategic alliances with other service providers to enhance our abilities to provide latest innovations in remediation technologies. 



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Contaminated Media Management

As a part of our turnkey capabilities, ECR provides comprehensive services to support the management, coordination and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Waste materials may include soil, water, or other wastes resultant from manufacturing, industrial, commercial and remediation processes. ECR owns and maintains a fleet of transportation and loading equipment to allow for containerization and transportation of waste streams to end disposal facilities. 

ECR's staff is skilled and experienced in evaluating and characterizing waste streams for disposal purposes. Our waste transportation and disposal coordinators are well versed in federal, state, and local regulations that govern the generation, storage, management, transportation and disposal of wastes. We can coordinate disposal services either on a brokered basis, or provide our clients with direct billing service by the disposal location.


Underground Storage Tank Services

ECR personnel have extensive experience working with regulators both at the State & Federal level in many locations. We have specially trained staff who exclusively focus on issues related to petroleum site investigation and remediation. Our team is experienced in managing sites through several state UST reimbursement programs.

ECR's team has completed applications and successfully closed many sites to the satisfaction of regulatory agency remediation criteria. In addition, ECR's UST team members have performed site assessments and remedial investigations at petroleum facilities ranging in size from single UST facilities to large bulk storage terminals. The data collected from these investigations has been used for property transfer as well as remedial design. ECR team members have designed and installed remedial systems that have incorporated technologies such as pump and treat, air sparging, in-situ bio remediation techniques, excavation, soil vapor extraction, and dual phase extraction. 


Environmental Compliance

ECR has the ability to respond to and meet both routine and complex project needs in an array of the service areas. Specifically the company has experience in the following areas:

  • Auditing/compliance benchmarking
  • Review of releases and threats of releases of hazardous materials
  • Air emissions, storm water, wastewater, and solid waste permitting
  • Determination of the overall regulatory compliance status of facilities
  • Analysis and identification of environmental condition of properties/buildings

Staff within ECR have performed fast tracked compliance assessments that have included permit operability, analysis, process hazard assessments and assessment of emergency response and contingency plans. Leveraging our science, engineering and business knowledge, ECR staff brings extensive knowledge of compliance issues related to: industrial water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, emissions characterization, monitoring and permitting, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste management, safety, and industrial hygiene.

We have assisted our clients in quickly identifying permitting requirements, and have developed all required documentation to support permit preparation and submission. ECR staff are familiar with the varied types of permits that might be required to support construction projects in areas of wetlands and construction site dewatering. As an example, we have performed projects that have required clients to obtain permits and/or authorizations from state agencies, US Army Corps of Engineers, USEPA and local fire departments and conservation commissions.


Field Services

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