Thank you Rob. I am very, very appreciative of all your assistance and guidance throughout this process. I know more about contaminated soil than I could ever have imagined! You were so professional and accommodating of my numerous email requests!

Michael Kaptein and his crew treated Mom’s yard like their own. They did an outstanding job putting everything back in place under some very difficult weather conditions.

Please accept my sincere thanks to you and Michael and everyone involved in the project.
— Beth Ann F., Homeowner
Enviro helped us work through complicated laws and complicated discussions. They do what they say they’ll do. Their expertise is good. Their advice is good. I couldn’t give them higher grades. There is no question [as to whether] I would hire them again. They helped us with remediation on a dinosaur building we own. I give them an A+.
— William Witherspoon, President, GUSA Holdings Inc. of Garnco and Republic Foil
They’re good people to work with. EnviroConsultants managed the soil remediation. It went without a hitch. Rob performed his due diligence and the job went flawlessly.
— Thomas Hughes, Superintendent of Construction Services, City of Danbury
We needed ground testing after a [factory] fire. Right from the start, Enviro could have said ‘let’s do 24 borings’, but what they said was ‘maybe we don’t have to do 24. Why don’t we do a dozen and see what we find.’ I like people who don’t oversell. There are several ways to skin a cat and they don’t always suggest the most expensive way first. As a courtesy, they were willing to meet, be fair with you and discuss the situation. They don’t nickel and dime you. They’re calm and collected. They are qualified LEP experts. That’s important if it goes to court. They really came through for us.
— Alex Budzinski, former owner of Housatonic Wire, after a factory fire
There are two important factors in environmentally sensitive situations. You need to know the extent and degree of contamination. You must perform the remediation on budget and you must be compliant. There was soil contamination. They were very attentive to the job and most importantly, to the budget. You want the most efficient, best prices and the job done right. I’d use them again any time. I’m a happy client.
— Ted Backer, Danbury and New Milford Attorney specializing in Land Use & Environmental, Municipal, Planning & Zoning Land Use, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Law